Snow Goose Hunting

Each spring, Ponderosa Outfitters Waterfowl Adventures opens our Spring Conservation hunts for snow geese in central Kansas. For those of you that have not experienced it, there is nothing in the waterfowl world like a tornado of snow geese funneling into your decoys.

Beginning in mid-February and through March, we lay out huge spreads of decoys to entice migrating flocks of snow, blue, and Ross geese on their way north. As this season has no daily bag or possession limits, we enjoy great days in the field partaking of an unbelievable natural abundance of birds. In addition, hunters are allowed to use unplugged shotguns and to hunt from one half-hour before sunrise, until one half-hour after sunset.

This area is renowned for the annual congregation of geese that stage on the local lakes and reservoirs of the region. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife annual counts put these numbers at 1-1.5 million birds in the area. This mass of snow geese, along with thousands of dark geese, and a variety of duck species, makes this a hunt that any water fowler will always remember. A front row seat to this spectacle more than makes the trip worthwhile.

We offer comfortable accommodations at one of our lodges or will help coordinate lodging at local motels. We are glad to assist with bird cleaning, game storage, and any detail to prepare you for the hunt of a lifetime.